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we are a brand 100% sustainable created in Lisbon, Portugal.
As a candle brand, we have always kept in mind the importance of differentiating ourselves from what is accessible to everyone in the market.
As a rule, the candles we see for sale are made of paraffin from petroleum, with great harmful repercussions for our health, as well as for our planet, as it is an unnatural resource.
The candles produced in Jules Candles, are made entirely with natural ingredients one by one. Thus, we were able to guarantee conscious production and, above all, we were able to guarantee the well-being of everyone.

Advantages of soy wax used in our candles:

  • totally natural
  • 100% non-toxic
  • biodegradable
  • ecological
  • sustainable
  • lasts longer when lit
In addition to our conscious production, the entire packaging Used is recyclable and the filling we use in our shipping boxes is biodegradable made from corn flour and thus water soluble.
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O design of our logo and business cards was made by the talented Luísa Perdigão (